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5 Books All New Entrepreneurs Should Read

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The life of an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems to be. When you start-up your business you might have the resources, but you are competing against people who have loads of experience in their tasks. Your work must be efficient at the same time effective. 

5 Books All New Entrepreneurs Should Read
5 Books All New Entrepreneurs Should Read

You learn things by investing the most important element that is time. Until you do not serve a significant amount of time, you cannot earn out of your business. 

Saying all this, there have been several books that are absolute gold dust for aspiring entrepreneurs. These books might be handy if you are willing to extend your start-up. The following are some of the books you can take ideas from.

1. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy:

Selling is considered as the most difficult part of a business. Either your offering is tangible or not, convincing the customer to take your offering stays the toughest hurdle.

 The book helps you compete against the challenge. It starts with the basic things one needs to do while getting to his customer.

 Entrepreneurs usually skip the initial stages and reach the final stage, which does not come out fruitful. From understanding and approaching your customer to make the final transaction, this book covers all.

2. The 4 Hour Work-Week by Timothy Ferriss:

Young entrepreneurs believe that if they have initiated a start-up, the only thing they must do is to invest 40 to 50 hours a week. Investing time is good but this book tells you how you must use the time efficiently in your business. 

What entrepreneurs try to in 40 hours a week, can be done in 4 hours a week if you follow the teachings in this book. So, invest time in your business but do it efficiently.

3. The 100$ Start-up by Chris Guillebeau:

Young entrepreneurs usually give up the idea of a start-up as they do not have any financial backing. However, this book shows that for a start-up the basic need is an idea.

 The financial part is required too, but if you lack it that does not mean you cannot have your start-up. It tells how great start-ups with less money to invest are earning great now.

4. Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston:

Not all entrepreneurs had unlimited financial supply and were free of the challenges in their earlier years. This book contains the stories of successful entrepreneurs with their journey, covering their ups and downs.

 This not only teaches young people about managing their business but is a source of motivation as well.

5. The Start-up of You by Reid Hoffman:

Most of the young entrepreneurs are still working and thinking of starting their own business. 
This book highlights the ways that you can still have an entrepreneurial thought process even if you are working for someone. 

Not only this but by reading this book you can pull yourself out of the routine mindset of being ordered by someone to work.

All these books focus on the fundamentals of entrepreneurial life. Even if you do not have the experience, these books can help you learn from others' experiences at the same time motivate you.