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Can Cryptocurrency Save the Next Major Financial Crisis

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The world is living in difficult days now.. From one major crisis to another, it looks like there is no break in terms of difficulties. A major financial crisis and economy collapsing is something that is not in the future but is now. It’s happening all around the world,with  economies crashing and crumbling under the financial crises. So, what can we as a collective economy do? Who do we turn to and what can save the world from going through a financial crisis? 

Can Cryptocurrency Save the Next Major Financial Crisis?
Can Cryptocurrency Save the Next Major Financial Crisis?

The answer to that is simple. Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the key to making sure that we come back from a financial and economic recession if we ever go through it. The question still remains, will cryptocurrency save the next major financial crises? In this article, you may just find out the answer. 
Can Cryptocurrency Save the Next Major Financial Crisis?
Cryptocurrency is an interesting concept. It’s the concept of invisible money that you cannot hold and exchange, you have it in your device and more often than not, people who have decided to get into cryptocurrency have managed to buy and hold and not spend their digital money. 

The fact is, cryptocurrency has always claimed to be able to fix the crashing economy or financial crisis but their claim has never been tested. Until now. With the pandemic that is going on, lockdown of businesses and companies has taken a toll on most countries’ economy. With major businesses closed, people out of work and companies letting go of their employees, there is a major financial crisis that is taking place. 

So, to answer the question, yes, cryptocurrency seems to be the way out of an economy and financial crash. Countries like Venezuela have already started this and have seen a major improvement in the economic conditions. So yes, there is hope that cryptocurrency, could be a saviour in the time of desperate need. 
Reason Why Cryptocurrency Can Help in a Financial Crisis
Here are just a few reasons why cryptocurrency like Bitcoin could potentially save the world economy.  

1.This is More than Money
Because this is blockchain technology, by having transparent ledgers it can be used for more than just money and units. Its potential is so much bigger than normal hand-held currency.

2.Solution for Debts
With cryptocurrency, the potential to reduce and/or retain debt in countries has potentially decreased. If more countries switch to cryptocurrency, they will be out of debt and progress faster. Because cryptocurrency doesn’t follow the rules of currency inflation, it can be a healthy trade market for most business as presently shown in the country of Venezuela. The country was going through one of the biggest financial crises and by using cryptocurrency they are slowly trying to stabilise their economy.
If more countries try to adopt the cryptocurrency as their way of dealing then there would be less inflation and a better market for most countries to succeed and evolve. Is this pandemic has shown the world anything it is that most economies cannot handle another pandemic and if they ever wish to survive, maybe going for cryptocurrency may be the best idea.