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Why the Bora Bora (French) islands are the best place for honeymoon

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Why the Bora Bora (French) islands are the best place for honeymoon

They are islands that you can say are a place in heaven on earth. With crystal blue waters, white sand, great weather, and sunshine. From beautiful beaches to amazing romantic landscapes, this is the ideal place to spend a honeymoon vacation with your partner or your partner. It is one of the best places in the world and the largest islands. It is quite possible if you have savings and some money. Just make sure you want to go on this romantic trip.

Has been Bora just a romantic idea

Bora Bora is not just a romantic idea, but it is also a romantic fact. And it is not surprising that the island is a world-famous honeymoon destination, and one of the best places in the world, any couple who decided to spend a vacation usually feels.
They fled to their designated site and went to the perfect place for a honeymoon vacation.
The French islands of Bora are the best place for a honeymoon. And specially designed to delight them on the Bora Bura islands for the perfect moment - no one can plan or a honeymoon, wedding, no one will resist the attraction of this place.
With someone close to you for a happy vacation, an unusual honeymoon on the Bora islands. There are many good options for a honeymoon in Bora Bora. Luxury hotels like the Four Seasons and St. Regis are the leaders in service and accommodation.
How to stay in the French islands of Bora on a budget?
On the island of Bora Bora, some families own some small homes. Although it is not a luxury, it does provide friendly hospitality for a couple on the island. It does the trick and is close by Restaurants and markets, and to spend a honeymoon vacation in the most beautiful place in the world.
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Some cheaper resorts are a better option for a Bora honeymoon.
Intercontinental Moana Resort There are a lot of the popular resorts in Bora Bora, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes, and accommodations.

Comfortable with a private environment, you can enjoy the lake view from the top of the mountain, or you can take a plunge. Arguably the French resort of Bora offers "value for money" accommodation, It is one of the best beaches out there.

Sit on the picturesque colorful lake. The duration of the ideal honeymoon trip to the islands is 7-8 nights, but if you have the time or money, you can increase it as you like. For honeymoon better.

In this article, we will tell you about the things to do while on Bora with your partner.

Read carefully, make sure you won't forget this honeymoon trip.

Here you go with an imaginary romance with your partner and spend the most beautiful days of your life, honeymoon destinations in the best islands in the world with your partner!

Elsewhere on the planet and in the world, can you take your "baby" to a deserted sandy island and enjoy a warm and peaceful turquoise lake while preparing a delicious picnic for you?
You will dine under green palm trees, dine on the soft sand with your feet, and dine on the beachfront and the exciting fruits of the island.
Imagine you have nothing to do but enjoy each other and create.
You must have heard world-famous people talk about their trip to the French island of Bora for their honeymoon. There is no doubt that Bora is the most famous island in the Pacific Ocean, and it is the lady of French Polynesia.

1- Weather in Jazarbora Bora

The weather in Bora is warm all year. Summer is divided into two seasons, summer is the rainy season and winter is the dry season, but even in winter, the temperature is only 26 degrees Celsius, No need to pack winter clothes. This is a reminder of Bora Bora.
Best advice for spouses in Bora Bora. During the honeymoon vacation in Bora Bora, water activities can be conducted at any time of the year.
Here the fresh, sensual air hits the skin and mixes with the fragrance on the island, creating a sense of intimacy between lovers.
Charming park, dwarf park in china

-2 Natural remedies on the Bora islands

The couple can take or choose from among these treatments as part of their trip.

Flower bath, or washing and cleansing the body with vanilla, wrapping and wrapping the body with green banana leaves, surrounding the body with sand or grated coconut

Or sea salt, hot stone massages, warm river baths, deep seawater treatments, and relaxing beaches.

-3Beautiful huts on the islands for a distinctive and enjoyable honeymoon

You may have seen the bungalows (a bungalow is a hut-shaped house, usually made of insulated wood, and it is called Gabi, and it is found in the countryside of Turkey, Thailand, and countries Another tourist.) On the beautiful French island of Bora on TV or from a celebrity vacation.

As beautiful as it looks in the videos and photos. With the huts designed on the surface of the water, you will almost feel as if you are in paradise, or with the sound of the waves having to call the room service, arriving at you by canoe. That will make your trip worth the extravagant honeymoon.

4-You can swim with turtles.

As mentioned before, the French island of Bora is beautiful and known for its crystal clear waters and rich ecosystem within those waters.
That is one of the reasons for one of the things and activities that you can do if you are there is visiting turtle places and swimming with turtles.
The clear water allows you to witness nature in all its glory and lets you admire the lovely creatures swimming under your bungalow.
You can swim with turtles and see the large sharks and coral reefs that attract you to them like magic, as they are unforgettable days, you can enjoy the full experience with a diver's guide who can assist you in diving, and guide you to the best places in the ocean with the waves and the beach on the Pacific Ocean.

 -5 Go hike the volcano

Here's a simple history lesson: the French island of Bora is, in and of itself, a dormant volcano that is no longer active.
Why does it have beautiful landscapes, beautiful scenery, and two beautiful peaks that are worth the climb and hiking too?

These two peaks are called Mount Bahia and Mount Othman. They are beautiful mountain peaks, and it will take you and your partner about six hours to return and have a good time.
But once you are on top of the mountain, you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful views of the majestic island and can see the entire island.

The beauty that this indescribable entails and the only way you can find out is if you decide to go there for your honeymoon. It is better if you have a guide to help you because you may get lost or lost.
When you decide to take a vacation and decide what is the best place to go on vacation with your partner, let it be a honeymoon or just a vacation, consider Bora Bora.

With its historical value and its people, this island is one of the best and most beautiful sites and tourist resorts with a view worth any amount of money.
So, do not waste time, book your tourist trip now and spend your honeymoon vacation as if you were in a dream, as it is the best place in the world!
Spend the vacation of a lifetime on a spectacular honeymoon on Bora Beach. It is perfect for exploring the most beautiful islands on earth and the world with your love.

6-Best Honeymoon Resorts in Bora 2020

Here is our list of the best honeymoon spots in Bora Bora:

Four seasons of Bora resort
four seasons resort Bora is one of the most romantic resorts

All resorts consist of numerous beach villas and over 100 one-story suites on the water — sweeping mesmerizing views all featuring high artwork and thatched roofs.
You should indulge in the delicious Polynesian dishes on offer. Relaxation at the full-service spa can take relaxation to a whole new level. You don't need to spend any time brainstorming, because it is a couple's honeymoon journey path, planned and already exists.

Intercontinental Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
The Intercontinental is built on a wonderful coral island which is arguably the most romantic resort on Bora Bora. The resort is across from the famous Mount Otemanu. However, we highly recommend the Diamond Suite for honeymooners as it offers more privacy than other sites.

Le Meridien Bora resort
Le Meridien is located on a small island in front of Mount Otemanu. To save time and effort, many honeymoon trips are prearranged. You can see amazingly shaped fish under the cabin. Scuba diving is necessary.

Intercontinental Bora Moana resort
Le Moana is located on Matira Point, the southernmost point of Bora Island. Although you have other accommodation options, the floating huts at the end of the pontoon provide the best privacy. If you are lucky, you can attend themed evenings, which include buffets and traditional Polynesian dances.

Conrad Bora Nui resort
The property is very spacious and overlooks the lake and the horizon. Although the interiors of some other buildings in Bora tend to be very modern, Conrad exudes a Tahiti vibe.
You can see the sunset, The resort is located on Motu To'opua — Private Honeymoon Island. Luxury presidential villas and water villas are in motion. But the lake-view suite is best for honeymooners.

You can visit this resort without snorkeling due to the rich coral reefs.

The 6 restaurants and bars offer everything from comfort food to fine dining options. Therefore, you can always try the Mediterranean and Polynesian fare.