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Will We Ever Get Back to Normal After the Pandemic

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The world has been going through a tough time. From natural disasters to man-made disasters, everything that could have happened has happened. 2020 has shaped up to be a tumultuous year filled, majorly, with the outbreak of the widely spread pandemic. The Covid-19 has managed to create an atmosphere that most of this generation has never seen in their entire lifetime. This is new territory and this is a new way to live. 


The concern stays will we ever before return to typical hereafter pandemic as well as will there be a time that comprises as "after the pandemic?". In this short article, we will certainly discuss all these subjects and also with any luck aid you also.

What is the Magnitude of This Pandemic? 

What is normal? Normal is what we, as human consider anything that we used to do before a major pandemic hit. This is a new pandemic, a pandemic where the symptoms aren’t as bad, but people are dying, people are dying at an alarming rate, partly because some are not following the social-distancing seriously and some because the hospitals and doctors are not prepared for this. The last pandemic of this magnitude was centuries ago, one of the many reasons there is so much widespread panic and chaos.

What is the New Normal?

Different countries are reacting to this in different ways, some with a lapse in the laws and some with strict lock downs. Life as we know it has been changed. The new normal is socially distancing from people you love or any other human that you aren’t living worth. 

The new normal is wearing masks and gloves. The new normal is trying to not go out and possibly infect people because you could be an asymptomatic carrier. All these are the new normal. 

It is strange that we are living through a time when life is revolving around this pandemic. We eat, breathe and sleep this pandemic. We all know of someone by now who is infected by this and how they are doing. 

Can We Go Back to Normalcy After This?

Simple answer, no. No, we will never be able to go back to normal after this pandemic. The after-effects of this pandemic will last for a long time. The people lost will be remembered. The way we meet people, greet people has changed completely. 

The way we do business or go out to eat has been changed. Our dressing has changed to incorporate masks and gloves. Sanitizers have become a part of our going out wardrobe, and we don’t want to get close to another human being. 

All these things won’t change after the pandemic is gone, whenever that is, we can never return to normal. Just like countries don’t go back to normal after a war, they evolve and make sure that something like that never happens again, so will we as humanity.

 We will always remember this time, and we will always try our best to be more informed and prepared. But will we ever be normal after this? We’ll never know, we’re still in it at the moment.

when will coronavirus end predictions

Fauci’s assessment isn’ ’t far away from Gates. The manager of the  National association of Allergy and contagious Diseases (NIAID) looked on PBS NewsHour where he was asked whether this COVID-19 epidemic would be sooner than 2024.

 This assessment came from a new article about the health situation from medical scholar Howard Markel.